Darkness Retreat eBook from Bharati Corinna Glanert

Hello and Namasté,

the detailed ebook about Darkness Retreats is finally finished! I am delighted to offer you this ebook, completely free of charge! Here you will learn everything about the royal path of enlightenment.

Darkness Retreats are a spiritual time-out from everyday life, you experience a complete withdrawal into the darkness and you get to know yourself completely without any external stimuli!

In order to feel comfortable in the dark and to open up your inner themes, it needs experienced mentors and loving support. In this eBook you will find comprehensive information about Darkness Retreats and many answers to the first questions that often arise with our prospective customers.

The ebook is free to download here.

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drWhy the Darkness Retreat is such an effective way to find yourself.

For many years, we have looked after the Darkness Retreats in the team and supported the deep experiences and processes in complete darkness. In doing so, we have found that mental processes and astral projection phenomena can be carried out by the removal of external stimuli and under good supervision after an astonishingly short amount of time.
If you have never heard about Darkness Retreats, you can imagine this as a journey to your inner light. If your daily life no longer distracts you and you have a break from your commitments, then your deep inner processes will get under way and you will see your inner radiance.

We have conducted, lovingly thought through and organised Darkness Retreats in our Source of Power Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram in Sasbachwalden.

We offer you different Darkness Retreats as an individual, as a couple or in a group.
We care for your physical and mental well-being with nutritious raw food, smoothies or water and tea (fasting). We lovingly accompany you through your inner processes.

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We wish you many positive experiences on the way to your inner light

Luminous greetings

Bharati, Martin and the Spiritbalance Team