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Invitation to the upcoming astral travel seminar in December


Travelling astrally, leaving the body to experience other worlds with one’s soul – this is one of the profoundest sensations we can experience. But what exactly am I talking about when talking about “astral travel”, “astral worlds” – or “leaving one’s body”? And what is lucid dreaming all about, isn’t that the same thing?!

“True” dreams, better known as lucid dreaming, are first excursions into the world of conscious dreaming, and pave the exciting path to conscious extracorporeal experiences. Lucid dreams also help us to become more conscious at night, rather than simply sleeping. It is this increased awareness that can lead us into other worlds, either the dream world
or the worlds of the astral.
(Further explanations about astral travel / lucid dreaming later in the text!)

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Probably you’ve already had an astral experience, even if you may not be aware of it. Did you ever feel half-awake while sleeping? Did you feel as if you could move around outside of our body? Or have you encountered the phenomenon when the body is very rigid and you lie
completely stiff in your bed, unable to move?

Congratulations! You’ve already made first out-of-body experiences. If you feel drawn to intensify your insights, and let go of your old notions about dreams and travel to other worlds, then you are warmly welcome to take part in my

“Astral Travel and Lucid Dreams Seminar”

from 9 to 11 December 2016!

Our goal is to learn exercises and techniques to experience autonomously the state of astral travel, and induce lucid dreams. In India, I was recently initiated by the Yogi Raguvendra Das into very intense pranayama and yoga techniques triggering very very powerful body experiences. These techniques are also taught in the seminar.

Info for seminar repeater: Anyone who has ever attended one of my workshops will gain much new knowledge through the techniques of Raguvendra Das. And by the way, seminar-repeaters pay only 50% of the price. Just register with me if you want to repeat the seminar.

(There are already some confirmed bookings for the seminar – so why not call today to secure your place!)

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Lucid Dreams

All of us experience “normal dreams” quite unconsciously. You are at most observers in your own nocturnal world. The lucid dream on the other hand you experience consciously and clearly, you can control it, steer it freely. When you create your lucid dream, you are creator of your dream world in a completely conscious state.

Astral travel and Out of body experiences

In the astral you go one step further. The experiences gained in your lucid dreams assist you to delve into astral worlds, you help your soul to detach itself from the body and return to it. These out of body experiences, different from all other spiritual and everyday experiences, aid us to grow our consciousness. We realize how much more we actually are, that there are many other worlds, beings and perception areas all around us, waiting to be experienced.

More information and deals on astral travel you can find on my website.

Group Exercise Meetings

After astral travel seminars the participants usually like to stay in contact in order to exchange ideas and support each other. For these exchanges I offer group exercise meetings.

The next date is: 17th december 2016

The emphasis is on practical exercises. We come together to learn more exit techniques during the meetings, and gain further knowledge.

Each meeting is meant to provide an extension of practice and takes place in the Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram in Sasbachwalden.

Since I was recently initiated by the Yogi Raguvendra Das into very intense pranayama and yoga techniques triggering very very powerful body experiences, I will repeat and deepen these techniques during the exercise meetings.

Contact and Registration:
Phone: +49 (0)7841-8392411

I look forward to your registration!

With love
Your Bharati