Travel to the festival Shivaratri in South India in February 2018


Today I send you greetings from Arunachala, and I am full of anticipation for the big trip
“Spiritual South India” from February, 07h until February, 18th, 2018.

Do you want to accompany me?
South India is really extraordinary with its highly vibrating places of power, and its spiritual people. During the 12 days you will experience moving insights from a completely different perspective than a regular tourist. For instance, I’m going to pass on my longtime spiritual knowledge, and you will experience together with me encounters with siddhas and yogis, where everything spiritually imaginable is possible.

During this trip you’ll immerse yourself into a world of rituals and mantras; this will help you to regain knowledge of yourself, and may set enormous transformation processes in motion for you. If you choose to take part, then you opt for a very powerful spiritual energy.


The Night of Shiva – the Shivaratri Festival

One of the very special ritual experiences during this trip will take place on March 8th, the night of Shiva. This night is exactly 14 days after the full moon, in the Hindu month of Phalunga. The Shivaratri festival is one of the most powerful nights of the year. Every year at Shivaratri faithful Hindus set out to the mountains, to celebrate Shiva and his marriage to Parvati, and to honor him with their devotion. The holy mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai in South India bears noticeable Shiva energy in itself, and on this night is the most powerful place to celebrate Shivaratri. And the wonderful thing is – we shall be there! We shall make a pilgrimage to the mountain Arunachala, together with many other pilgrims. We’ll be at the heart of the most sacred night in India.
So we will celebrate the night of Shiva together, with many temple visits, fire rituals, and a visit to the great temple of Shiva.
Part of the ritual to receive the Shiva energy is a strict fast during the day and night, and keeping vigil until dawn. Especially ardent believers do not drink either. The desire to escape the cycle of birth and death, to rid oneself of negative karma and enter the special state of moksha is the fervent desire dominating all this. With great passion we will chant hymns to Shivaratri, like the famous Om Nama Shivaya.

When chanting the Om Nama Shivaya mantra it is very powerful to hold a Shiva Lingam or Rudraksha (Shiva’s tears). Optimal is a Rudraksha Mala, since this carries the energy of Shiva on the one hand, but is also capable of receiving and storing the Shivaratri energy.

These twelve days will be very transforming. Get ready for more highlights like singing satsang and bhajans with Bharati, fire pujas, and extraordinary encounters as well as visits to secret locations full of powerful vibrations.

All the more important to be open and receptive for emerging soul energies and spontaneous changes of the day during this trip. The most beautiful experiences happen not by plan but by divine grace. And we can give ourselves up to them safely here.

Detailed information about the itinerary to be found here.

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Best regards

Bharati & Balakrishna