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Intense Dark Retreat Group in a few weeks!

Hello And Namasté,

Warm regards from Sasbachwalden. Finally, also as a family, we have moved to our residential training centre. We are very happy to have done such a big step, though we had to overcome some considerable obstacles. Quite an intense time with many experiences!

Starting July 1, 2016, we are looking forward to offering all our products, workshops and seminars in our new Ashram – Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram!

In August, the first Dark Retreat will take place at this extraordinary and powerful venue with lots of space and high energetic vibrations. Sasbachwalden in the Black Forst is famous for its healthy climate and is the ideal place to retreat and to start anew.

If you’d like to experience your inner light in the dark. If you’d like to experience a real life transformation to the inner and outer world of bright intensity than we suggest you to register rather sooner than later. The group is limited to 12 participants and we’re usually fully booked pretty fast.

Intense Dark Retreat in a Group

with focus on

self experience and out of the body experiences

on August 19 to 28, 2016 in Sasbachwalden

Every experience in the Dark retreat is unique. Please watch this video in which my husband Martin interviews a guest who is talking about his impressions of his Dark Retreat experience.

Read here more articles about Dark Retreat experiences.

Astral experiences (out of the body experiences) in the Dark Retreat

It’s all natural to experience astral dimensions. Though, for many that is unkown.

Unfortunately, in our culture, such particular spiritual worlds were often pushed aside and are sadly neglected. Yet, more and more people realize that they are more than just a body but that there is a soul within their body. And even more that their soul can leave this body!

However, we are confronted with so many stimuli every single day that we are not able to focus on such unique experiences. A Dark Retreat, certainly, offers exactly such an opportunity to experience out of body moments and to travel the astral world.

Furthermore, for the power of our soul it is utterly important to recognize our own divine light and our creativity which is often an intense expereince in a Dark Retreat.

Already in the very first days in complete darkness, many participants experience the situation when the mind completely remains apart from the body at will – which is a natural skill and which can be trained willfully. Sometimes such amazing and impressing out of the body experiences happen spontaneously all on their own.

An astral journey is an experience on highest spirituel levels and changes our thinking and our feelings from scratch.

For further information, please check:

Intense Dark Retreat in a group with focus on self awareness & AKE

By the way, on July 13, 2016, an Info-Webinar took place for all participants of the Dark Retreat supervisor training and all interested parties. Still you can apply for this special traing program! Please watch the replay of the Webinar here.

The training program already starts in August. All training related informationcan be found here:
Training to become a Dark Retreat Supervisor

Simply write an email or give us a call if you would like to participate.

+49 (0)7706-9789697

We are looking forward meeting you!

A bright hello and see you soon!

Bharati and Martin!




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