Intensive Dark Retreat in a Group in August

Hello And Namasté,

Cordial May greetings from Bad Dürrheim and also from Sasbachwalden.
Soon, starting from 1st of July, all our offers and seminars will take place in the new seminar building Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram!

During August the first dark retreat group will take place in Sasbachwalden, at a place with a wonderfully restorative climate, marvellous facilities, panoramas and highly vibrating energies.
An ideal place for a retreat and new beginnings..
If you want to be a part of a transformational experience of darkness, for internal and external, light-filled world, feel free to register now – the places are limited to 12 persons!


Intensive Dark Retreat in a Group

With a focus on

Self Awareness & Extracorporeal Experiences

from 19. – 28. August 2016 in Sasbachwalden

More informations

Each experience in the dark retreat is as individual as the participants. An especially impressive experience of a guest is documented in this interview with Umberto.

Astral experiences (extracorporeal experiences) during the dark retreat

It is natural to have astral experiences. In our culture, this particular spiritual dimension has been sadly neglected. The outward appearance generally receives more attention than the balancing and nourishing darkness. When do we have an opportunity to escape the harsh world?
To discover our own light and let the creative energy of creation unfold in this light?
This wonderful transformational experience of light in the absolute darkness belongs to the light. It enables us to perceive the light in its true dimension.

 Dunkelretreat Bild 1

Many participants also experience detachment from their own physical bodies during the first few days in complete darkness, which is a natural ability of humans and can be trained quite deliberately. Very impressive and beautiful extracorporeal experiences take place during a dark retreat almost spontaneously, and for many participants. This astral travel is a highly spiritual experience and changes our thinking and feeling completely.

Further informationen about the program is to be found here:
Intensive dark retreat in a group with a focus on self awareness & AKE


We’ll be looking forward to welcoming you!

Enlightened greetings, and see you soon!

Martin and Bharati!


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