Enjoy Navaratri with Bharati in South India

Hello and Namasté,

would you like to take a truly extraordinary break? A period during which you can connect with the divine principle of creation on a very deep level? A connection that bestows so much energy in today’s increasingly hurried time.

And it is very valuable to preserve this energy. In southern India, where some people are still connected to god very intensively and cordially, you will experience powerful spirituality and physically feel the divine energy.

I cordially invite you to take part in this highly
vibrating experience during the upcoming:

Sadhana Tour to the Festival of Navaratri

in South India

 from 30th September until 10th October 2016

Note: An early bird discount of 90 € is granted for bookings before 30.05.2016!!

Ten days of highly perceptible energies and intensive rituals await you, giving you a whole new insight into the world and causing your spiritual processes to flow. A spiritual journey is a journey of transformation.

Read all important details about this intensive Sadhana here!

Sadhana means spiritual practice, and we shall be right up close. Experience southern India and one of its biggest and most important festivals – Navaratri, the feast of the Divine Mother in her nine manifestations. These nine manifestations contribute to transforming the spiritual energy that every person owns into a highly positive spirituality, deeply connected to the heart.

We will be guided by Indian wisdom during Navaratri, for 9 days and 9 nights, celebrating the Divine Mother, also Mahadevi, in all her forms and give them our devotion. Especially during the period of Navaratri the vibrations are extremely high due to the prevalent astrological constellations.

The Divine Mother is the source of the primordial power, called Shakti, the powerful, feminine, dynamic and manifest principle of nature.

With all these nine forms we shall connect intensively during Navaratri. During our Sadhana journey we will experience power places and authentic encounters with spiritual seekers, yogis and sadhus, whose life goal is to be in conscious union with the Divine.

We will also visit the Shiva temple at Arunachaleswara and walk around the holy mountain Arunachala (Giripradakshina). We will be guided by the divine dispensation. Joint satsang with me are part of our program, as are bhajans singing and fire pujas.

Visit the Temple of Maya Ma
We will visit powerful temples and practice Sadhana. A very special place of power is the Holy Temple of Maya Ma! Maya Ma is one of the few Yoginis dwelling in “Jeevan Samadhi”, the highest state of spiritual existence. Her soul and her blessings are felt there. Jeevan means carrying life, and Samadhi is a very special state of consciousness, in which the whole cosmic energy is understood and internalized in their complexity. It is the highest state of existence a yogi seeks to obtain.

This intense period of 10 days of sadhana in India is very well suited to gather force for  a change, to start new projects or ventures. This force will remain with you for a long time, and many participants in this tour have made this happy experience.

You are cordially invited to celebrate this very special festival honoring the nine forms of the Divine Mother with me in southern India, near the holy mountain Arunachala.

To register, send us a mail, or contact us by phone:

+49 (0)7706-9789693

We are looking forward to accompany you on this highly spiritual journey.

Enlightened greetings,

Bharati and Martin