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Last Call for Intensive Dark Retreat in a Group in May

Hello And Namasté,

in the merry month of May we’ll start the dark retreat group at our Ashram in Bad Dürrheim, just the time to let your inner light blossom.

To spend a long time in complete darkness – in combination with powerful spiritual exercises – is a shortcut to one’s own spiritual power and conveys highly spiritual experiences.

Intensive Dark Retreat in a Group

With a focus on self-awareness and extra-corporeal experiences

Date: 06. – 15. May, 2016 in Bad Dürrheim

Extracorporeal experiences during the dark retreat:

The phenomenon of the soul’s ability to detach itself from the body and accumulate independent experiences and knowledge on a higher level of consciousness fascinates people all over the world. Many participants in the dark retreat experience the detachment from their physical bodies within the very first days.

Many people experience spontaneous, very impressive and beautiful extracorporeal experiences during a dark retreat. Astral travel is a highly spiritual experience which can fundamentally change our thoughts and feelings, because it sets in motion profound processes of recognition within our souls.

There are only 2 places left – if you want to be a part of this unique individual experience, hurry up to contact us.
More information about this dark retreat group is to be found here:

Intensive dark retreat

We’ll be happy to have you with us!

Bharati & Martin Glanert & the Spiritbalance Team


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