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Intense Dark Retreat Group, with a focus on self-awareness & out-of-body experiences

Hello And Namasté,

And cordial greetings! In May we’ll start our first dark retreat group of the year.
As a German saying goes, May renews all, and you can experience this for yourself.

If you want to live the experience of the inner light, and enjoy the marvelous month of May on a higher level of awareness, the dark retreat group is a wonderful way to do so.

Invitation to our

Intense Dark Retreat Group,

with a focus on self-awareness

& out-of-body experiences

From 6th to 15th May 2016 in Bad Dürrheim


What is a dark retreat, and why is an intense period of retreat so very special for self-awareness?

Please watch my Video

From 6th to 15th May I want to open this special path to self-awareness for a maximum of five persons. The darkness will teach you all you need to sense the source of all being. The mind comes to rest in a deep inner peace, and thus initiates transformational processes.

Open yourself to the darkness. You will not need previous experiences.
Let the darkness be your Guru (teacher), leading you to enlightenment. I shall accompany you and support you.

During the dark retreat it is perfectly natural for some of the participants to experience a detachment from the own body. Beautifully impressive extracorporeal experiences may happen spontaneously.  These experiences, also called astral travel, are truly profound spiritual insights, deeply affecting our thoughts and feelings. Such illuminative experiences are a natural part of every human being, and they are stimulated by absolute darkness and my personal intensive assistance.
You’ll find further information on the process here

Intense Dark Retreat in a Small Group with a Focus on Self-Awareness and Extracorporeal Experiences 

And by the way, you may also book a dark retreat as an individual or as a couple, just let us know:

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Enlightened greetings, and see you soon!

Your Bharati and Martin!

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