Our big new spiritual centre in Sasbachwalden

Hello and a cordial Namasté,

Today we can tell you with great joy that we are currently enlarging our activities, launching a wonderful spiritual center that might be called an Ashram.

An Ashram is a meeting place where like minded people come together, spend time together and develop their spiritual potential. Building a community, having a beautiful spiritual refuge, and at the same time enough space for a large temple room, dark retreats, and spiritual events, as well as the possibility to offer complete vegan raw foods for all our guests – this is exactly what we have dreamed of for a long time, and now the dream will turn into reality!

In this video we’ll tell you more about our plans, and what kind of support would help us enormously.

We are very lucky to have the possibility to take over a nearby seminar building from May, and we want to shape the place with positive cosmic energies and build a real place of power there.

Building positive and powerful energy together in the Retreat House

Together with many volunteers we want to renovate everything in our new seminar building. From painting the walls, over new flooring, to laying mosaic tesserae, there are lots of areas where we shall be happy to have strong support.

For your support we’ll offer in our new energy space wonderful vegan raw food and accommodation, which means we’ll happily provide delicious healthy food, as well as lodging, because we have plenty of room for all! Additionally, you’ll get fresh Black Forest air and a lot of positive energy from the community. 🙂 And you can enjoy nature around you in the village of Sasbachwalden! It is beautiful and quiet there, so that in addition to lending a helping hand, a green paradise in the Black Forest is waiting for you!

We would be so delighted to have your support. Let us know by email if you would like to help. Think in advance about how and where you might be helpful. By the way, we have enough space for about 20 people!

Phone: +49 (0)7706 9789693

All the best!

Your Bharati