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Enjoy South India with Bharati in a few weeks

Hello, And A Heartfelt Namasté From Thailand!

After only a few weeks we’ll be in India on the way to our spiritual pilgrimage to Shivaratri and I want to invite you to take part in this special spiritual experience.!

Fortunately there are a few rooms still available for this period at the wonderful Sparsa ResortAre you coming?

You may register for this trip and have the opportunity to be with us, right until we start.  

In my video I invite you spontaneously to take part in this power trip.

Joy and new beginnings are in the air, and the highly powerful spiritual processes we’ll carry out at Shivaratri will conduct enormous cosmical energies down to us.

Will you spontaneously decide to join us?

The holiest feast of the new moon in March is Shivaratri, the feast of Shiva, the powerfully protective male energy destroying negative influences and drawing protective circles around us with his powerful energetic field. The new moon is also the symbol of the goddess Kali, supplementing Shivas protective circles against negative forces.

The holy mountain Arunachala

Shiva and Kali, both of them eliminate not only negative influences but also all illusions, called Maja, hindering us to experience joy, love, and happiness.

Especially when there is unrest in the world and military conflicts often based on illusions, a protective cosmic energy is lacking. That is why it is so important to attend special energy places, and to connect with this protective force.

The more Shiva energy we accumulate, the better we can deal with negative and illusionary forces, the more protection we have, and are blessed for our path.

Here you’ll find detailed information about the itinerary.

By the way, during this pilgrimage I shall energize some Rudrakshas (objects of power). All those who are unable to join can then receive a Rudraksha blessed with the Shivaratri energy. This way you may charge yourself with this powerful energy. If you want to know more about Rudrakshas, you’ll find my free of charge Rudraksha eBook here.

I shall be very happy, should you spontaneously decide to join this trip. Profound experiences do not happen by design but by divine dispensation. 

With all my love!

Your Bharati

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