108 days in the Darkness Retreat

Hello And Namasté,

Today I want to tell you about Kai. Kai has been studying Indian spirituality for a long time now, and has already experienced 14 days in a dark retreat accompanied by me in 2014.


Now Kai has set himself a major goal to delve even deeper into the secrets of this supreme discipline of meditation. His experiences were so positive and overwhelming that he wants to continue on this „royal road to enlightenment“, as it is called in Tibet, for up to 108 days and explore it some more. This is his wish. He is very keen to make this unique knowledge more transparent in the West.

A natural by-product in the dark retreat are extracorporeal sensations, and some volunteers have already experienced this. Prof. Hornell Hart of Duke University and Prof. Charles Hart of Berkeley University have conducted studies proving extracorporeal travel!

Their test subjects acquired this skill and surprised the scientists by visiting places that were not even know to the professors. Kai wants to pass a similar program during the retreat.

The holy number of 108 days also includes the wish to explore further chakras that are said to exist, and to go farther into the enlightened darkness. He wants to probe the phenomena of clairvoyance and communicate his experiences.

For 49 days he can do with his own resources, and so he has started a campaign for his project to help him achieve to complete the full 108 days in dark retreat.

Do you want to assist Kai in his highly spiritual undertaking? Even the smallest contribution will help foster this unique project.
Here you’ll find more details about his project.

In my video you’ll hear more about this powerful spiritual way of the dark retreat.

Enlightened greetings, and see you soon!

Your Bharati

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