Shiva statue in Murudeswara

Spiritual South India Trip with Bharati


Today I’m sending you New Year’s greetings full of light from Bad Dürrheim, full of anticipation for the upcoming pilgrimage tour to South India from February 28th until March 10th, 2016!

It will be a highly spiritual tour for which you can still sign up until January 25th, 2016 at the latest.
Because in just a few weeks we go to South India, and the room in the beautiful hotel in Tiruvannamalai, directly on Arunachala, must be booked! For those signing up later for the trip, I cannot guarantee a room at the Sparsa Resort.

Therefore, please register as soon as possible if you want to be there!

During this trip you’ll immerse yourself into a world of rituals and mantras that will give you enormous power and bring on transformation processes. If you choose to be there, then you opt for a very powerful spiritual energy.

On January 5th there was a telephone conference that you can listen to here (just in german language). During the conference I have answered questions by the participants and interested people about the Shivaratri tour, and have also reported about the last tour.

The Night of Shiva – the Shivaratri Festival

During the 12 days you’ll have moving experiences from a new perspective. The outstanding ritual experience of this trip with be the Night of Shiva on March 8th.
The Shivaratri festival is one of the most powerful nights of the year. Every year at Shivaratri faithful Hindus set out to the mountains, to celebrate Shiva and his marriage to Parvati, and to honor him with their devotion. The holy mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai in South India bears noticeable Shiva energy in itself, and on this night is the most powerful place to celebrate Shivaratri. And we shall be there, which is a very special thing! We shall celebrate this night of Shiva together, with many temple visits, fire rituals, and a visit to the great temple of Shiva.

These twelve days will be very transforming. You shall experience highlights like singing satsang and bhajans with Bharati, fire pujas, and extraordinary encounters as well as visits to secret locations full of powerful vibrations.

All the more important to be open and receptive for emerging soul energies and spontaneous changes of the day during this trip. The most beautiful experiences happen not by plan but by divine grace. And we can give ourselves up to them safely here.

Detailed information about the itinerary to be found here.

See you soon!

Your Bharati

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