Hanuman Chalisa

108 x Hanuman Chalisa with livestream


Energetical greetings from Bad Dürrheim!

Wednesday, December 30th the Hanuman Chalisa will already kick off!

Seminar on Hanuman on the preceding day

On the evening of 30.12. there will be an introductory seminar on Hanuman, where we will begin to build up energies to connect with Hanuman, and I will pass on lots of interesting facts on Hanuman’s energy and history. You can attend this powerful evening live. In preparation for the 108 recitations of the Hanuman Chalisa I will give a lot of in-depth information on Hanuman and spiritual forces.

The Hanuman seminar taking place in Bad Dürrheim will be broadcasted live at 7:30 p.m., following this link you will be directed to the login. (Just in german language, please use google translator f.e.)

And on Thursday things will start to happen! Starting from ca. 11 a.m. you can take part in the Hanuman Chalisa by live stream!
We will chant the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. The Chalisa will end at about 11 p.m.
This link will take you to registration for the live stream. (Just german, please use google translator f.e.)

If you want to take part by live stream we would ask you to kindly donate 19,- Euro, because setting the live stream is rather complex. You can donate on the same link used for registration. After your registration you will receive further information.

In the morning of 31.12. you will receive a link by email directing you to the live stream, with the sole prerequisite that you register for free at https://livestream.com/.


Energy transfer by way of photos

By the way, there is the wonderful possibility to send us a photo of yourself or your loved ones to put in front of Hanuman’s altar during the Chalisa. Photos of animals, like your pet(s), are also feasible. Thus, you can transfer the energy of the Hanuman Chalisa directly to the individuals on the photo.

By all means send us your photo until the morning of 30.12. , otherwise we won’t have the time to put it on Hanuman’s altar!!
Please use our form on the Hanuman Chalisa Website for this opportunity for energy transfer – here you can upload photos directly. (Just in german language, please use google translator f.e.)

You can find the text of the Hanuman Chalisa on www.hanumanchalisa.de !

We shall be happy to welcome you!

All the best,