New Year’s Eve Hanuman Chalisa in Bad Durrheim


a few more weeks and it will be the turning of the year, something to celebrate together with a wonderfully powerful Hanuman Chalisa. Will you be there?

The invigorating and vividly celebrated Hanuman Chalisa takes place on New Year’s Eve and you are cordially invited to participate! Actually we had planned for the Chalisa to take place in Yoga Center Rottweil.

But since we have a lot of nocturnal yoga retreat guests among us, and we can’t very well cut ourselves in two, we have decided spontaneously that the Hanuman Chalisa is to take place once more here in Bad Durrheim. Which means that it will be wonderful to be able to experience the energy along with the retreat guests, but regrettably this also means that the number of places is limited.

Since we already have had registrations, and once at 15 participants, we cannot invite more guests, it is important that you register now to secure your place at the Hanuman Chalisa.

We would also ask the musicians who would like to attend the Hanuman Chalisa to get in touch with us!

Together, we enable highly positive vibrations coming to us through the intense recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa. Soul healings are possible, and the transformation of negativity. In these times the world needs lots of bright lights, and healing energy.

Through the powerful mantra we bring a lot of positive energy down to earth. Currently the world needs it more than ever!


New Year’s Eve Hanuman Chalisa

from December 30-31, 2015 and New Year’s Brunch on January 1, 2016 

Hanuman Chalisa

On Wednesday, 30th December, there will be an introductory seminar on the history of Hanuman and the spiritual knowledge about him. It is highly recommended to get attuned to Hanuman and his energies, and to share my knowledge of him. This provides the foundation on which we will build. Together, we shall then recite the Hanuman Chalisa on New Year’s Eve – a wonderful event.

Have a look at the video of the last Chalisa in summer 2015

Who is Hanuman?
Hanuman is an extremely strong Shiva energy and a beloved god from India and is worshiped throughout Asia. Literally Hanuman translates “having chin cheeks”.
He appears in a powerful monkey form and stand for transformation of negativity and karmic entanglement. It is said he is as quick as the wind, as strong to move mountains and his voice is powerful like the thunder. Those who connect with him will be supported through his enormous power.
The night before the Hanuman Chalisa (wednesday) there will be an introduction seminar to learn about the history and powers of Hanuman as well as spiritual knowledge about him. It is recommended to tune in to Hanuman and his energies and my knowledge about Hanuman. Together we will recite the Hanuman verses on new years eve – a true celebration.

What is a Chalisa?
‘Chalis’ translated from Hindi means “40 – forty”.  The Hanuman Chalisa is composed of 40 verses by the Indian poet Tulsidas from the 16th century.  How the Hanuman Chalisa came to be – I will tell you on the night before.  Throughout the recitation that will last the entire day of december 31, the Chalisa will be repeated 108 times.  In accompaniment of guitar, harmonium and drums a dynamic “sound room” full of energy, devotion and life joy will be created.

On my website here you get to know more about Hanuman 

Because of the high demand there will be another New Year’s Raw Food Brunch, to which we invite you wholeheartedly.

The diverse brunch buffet will provide you with smoothies, raw almond milk, raw cookies, raw chocolate pudding, fruit salad and tea as well as energized water.

Use the immense potential of the Hanuman Chalisa on New Year’s. Recognize the potential of this extraordinary powerful meditation for your own life and that of your family. Become a part of this devoted Chalisa and sign up now!

Here you’ll find more information about the Hanuman Chalisa.


I am really excited for you to be part of it (again)!


Contact and Registration:
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