Webinar Astral Projections and Spiritual Experiences on 23rd September

Webinar Astral Projections and Spiritual Experiences
Namasté and love from Germany!

Hope you are doing well? Today you will receive an important information regarding an upcoming webinar with me, which shall be conducted in English.

Here interested people from outside Germany can reach me regarding questions on spirituality, astral journeys and extreme experiences. It should be noted that, the interest is huge, the world is changing – many people want answers to their questions.

A free webinar in September shall present a very good opportunity for your questions related to the issues of astral journeys and out-of-body experiences:

Fotolia_61290132_Subscription_Monthly_XLWebinar Astral Projections and Spiritual Experiences

Souls never die because energy never dies. Souls only change their forms.

Knowing that life is so much greater than our limited every day consciousness can comprehend initiates a satisfying feeling and deference to creation. Astral projections are a possible way for this special experience.

In this webinar you can discover possibilities of how to get in contact with dearly deceased or how to get a direct contact with astral worlds. You can ask me questions about astral worlds, death experiences or how to contact deceased persons. Enhance your mind and find out how these technologies and methods enlarge your consciousness and help to reach healing within your soul.

The webinar will be recorded on video.

I hereby cordially invite you to ask me questions live on Chat, thereby the Webinar will be  delightfully interactive.

Date: 23rd September 2015 from 10PM – 11PM (CEST)

  • 4PM – 5PM in USA, New York
  • 3AM – 4AM in Australia, Sydney
  • 1AM – 2AM in India

I will be really happy, if you will be at the webinar! Feel free to share this invitation with your friends, who like you, might be interested.

You will be directly directed to registration at my academy web page through these link:

Webinar 23rd September 2015

See you soon,

Your Bharati