Templevisiting on the Pradakshana Road

Yesterday we went all to the beautiful and powerful Shiva-Temple and were allowed to take many blessings. We were allowed to sit at the very front in the temple, nearby the Shiva Lingam, which is normaly not easily possible. So we had the same blessing at the divine mother yet, we ┬┤ve been treaten like VIPs, were very impressed and happy about this sensationlal experience!


After that we went down the Pradakshina Road in Tiruvannamalai and were allowed to take wonderful blessings – already closed tiny temples had been opened actually. We still have been on the road late at night, when many yogis already sleeping.



Even Raguvendra Das has been with us…despite his sacrifice of food, drink and going to the toilet, he was full of power and cheerfulnesst. Actually he wanted to stay with us only two hours, but he had so high energy that he walked down the pradakshana road with us several hours. We are still wondering that he has more energy than us – this is only possible with higher processes of yoga.