From the darkness into the light


and enlightening greetings!

The days are getting shorter here, there are less sunshine hours and so the darkness takes up its space again. The life takes place now again soon inside. This gives us the opportunity for introspection, it allows us to concern ourselves with what lies hidden inwardly and what cannot be found outside.

Dealing with the darkness can be very beneficial. Metaphorically speaking, but primarily certainly quite real. The complete darkness can be necessary in order to see the inner (soul-) light. Prime through shielding all external stimuli, it is possible to fully connect ourselves with the EXISTENCE.


After a certain period of time, the “veil” of the material world dissolves and we begin to comply with the energetic vibrancy of our soul. When we let go strongly enough, we stop to “project”, but we look in the truest sense inside, because the “outside” does not exist anymore.

We come from the “ME”-Experience to the “EXISTENCE” and this is one of the most intensive and exiciting spiritual experiences. Experiences with the primordial tone and light, encounters with spirit beings, figures of light, natural powers etc. are possible.

Gladly, you can book a “Darkness Retreat” in the Shakti-Temple in Bad Dürrheim / Germany, but also in my Ashram in India for several days or weeks. You can find an overview of the prizes here.

Moreover there is a possibility to participate in an intensive Group-Retreat with the focus on astral projections, which takes place from 29 th november to 08th december in Bad Dürrheim / Germany

You will find all informations about that in this link.

I would be most pleased to accompany you on this way!


Further upcoming events:

Maha Lakshmi Deluxe Tourfrom 8th to 22nd november 2014 in India, information & registrationExotic Raw Food Trip to Southern Thailandfrom 16th january to 01st february 2015 in Thailand ; information & registrationSpiritual Journey To Shivaratri

from 11th to 22nd february 2015 in India; information & registration

On my website you will find a complete overview of all events.
In Light,