Last Minute call to Sadhana Journey


how spontaneous are you?
On 25th September, we travel to India in a small group und you can be part of it!
If you wish to participate short-term, that is not a problem!

Just send us an email to: Melanie will take care of everything else.

Photo: fotolia / © Wong Sze Fei

The spiritual festival Navaratri (Mother Divine Festival) is celebrated in India from 25th September to 3rd October this year.

The Mother Divine Festival (Navaratri) is a festival which takes nine days and nine nights. The word Navaratri already tells it, because it means nine (nava) nights (ratri). It is a sacred festival, a time of introspection and purification.

Many yogis fast during this time and practice various Sadhanas (spiritual practice) like Muni (to be in silence, do not speak) to win over the grace of the Mother Divine. Furthermore nine different aspects of Mother Divine are celebrated and called.

Learn more about Navaratri and this special journey in this video:

Together with Yogi Raguvendra Das, we are going to meditate and practice Samadhi in my ashram in Tiruvannamalai for nine days and nine nights. Samadhi is an altered state of consciousness, a type of immersion, a deep focused meditation. The special is that Yogi Raguvendra Das will take individual participants with him into this state of consciousness.

So you see how unique this India trip can be!

We found a wonderful ashram here in Tiruvannamalai, with Yoga hall, with many small houses for rent and with all the bells and whistles…

This is really great, because we can be much more intensive together with the group during the travels and we have a meeting point for meditating, building up energy and much more at this magnificent place.

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Is it too much in the short term for you but you are interessted in a spiritual India journey with me? Then join me on the Spiritual Journey To Shivaratri from 11th February to 22nd February 2015.

Information & Registration here


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