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Let me just briefly introduce myself and give you an overview of my various consulting services!

Bharati Corinna Glanert 1My name is Bharati Corinna Glanert and I am the founder and owner of Spiritbalance.
Meanwhile Spiritbalance runs different projects:

Journeys To India- I have lived a good decade in India and still live there a few months a year in our ashram on the holy mountain Arunachala in South India. In order to share spiritual knowledge and the knowledge of energy secrets, I have been organizing trips for small groups to special places of power in South and North India since 2008.

Spiritbalanceshop- My spiritual online shop with many special energetic treasures was founded in 2009 and has been growing constantly since its foundation.

Seminars and trainings, consultations and healings- My focus in energy healing is seeing aura and aura healing, especially lucid dreams (daydreams) and astral travel (OBE). I offer darkness retreats in Germany and India and also give seminars in the field of raw food and dietary change.

In the following, now a brief overview of some of my various counselling services for you.

Aura Photography, Aura Analysis and Individual Aura Consultations

The aura is an energy field that surrounds every human being and animal. It consists in colours that change – they indicate our emotional and mental state of development.
With the help of a biofeedback system that measures the low-frequency energies on our palms, the subtle vibrations of our emotional body become visible. Consequent insights open up possibilities to actively expand strengths and transform weaknesses into strengths.
I offer individual aura consultations, whereby I can read the aura with the help of the biofeedback system and I even can create your personal aura picture. Please check my offer overview here.

Vaastu Counselling

Vaastu is ancient knowledge of energy flow of the architecture, similar to Feng Shui. It is old Vedic knowledge that is highly respected in India. Vaastu is the doctrine and science of the five elements (earth, fire, heaven, water, air). Whenever we follow Indian Vaastu, a natural order and harmony emerges that positively influences all areas of our life.
For me Vaastu is a tool and resource to support our lives and to be able to realize our potential in life, and therefore I like Vaastu to can be accessed by many people as possible in a simple manner. I offer Vaastu consultations, an online educational training about Vaastu principles is planned.
Please find the current prices for my Vaastu conselling summarized here.

Horoscope Reading

The Indian Yogi Venkatesh and I have been friends for year; he has the gift to issue really special horoscopes. Even myself is still surprised on how precise and definite Venkatesh gives information about good and bad life time and how open and honest he sees probable blockades.
Find out more about this really exceptional and honest interpretation of your horoscope in this overview.

Special Healings

Personal sessions start with a conversation to find the ideal energetic work method for your desire. It is also possible to have the meeting at a distance. This is no problem via skype, phone or distance treatment.
Mainly I work with old Vedic energy techniques, which are all based on the principle of Indian science of the aura, chakras, mantras, herbs and vibrations. Whether you are suffering from a broken heart, depression or another indisposition, these methods activate self-healing powers, self-awareness, self-esteem and will strengthen your connection to the divine.
The associated enhancement of mental, spiritual, physical and social wellbeing is being felt as particularly powerful by many clients.
Please check the pricelist here.

Learn more about me and my comprehensive range of consulting services on

Raw Food Coaching, via Skype or by phone

During the last 15 years I have gained a lot of experience in raw food. Especially on the subject of detoxification I did a lot of intensive research and have accompanied many people. In my work as medically certified dietician I do not only teach you to be up for delicious raw food meals, but also accompany you throughout the entire process.
In my center in Bad Durrheim I welcome you in a very relaxed atmosphere. We will talk about what moves you personally and healthwise and will work out solutions together. We take as much time as you need and work out a plan.
Everything else you will find on my raw food website: www.rohkost-ernä

If you have any further questions or like to use an offer please contact me.

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My Shakti-Tempel and place of residence in Germany is:
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