Celebrate the Hanuman Chalisa on New Year´s Eve with us!


According to the principles of Hindu cosmology we are in the last of the four ages, in Kaliyuga.

Every 12 years, the energy changes on our planet – 21/12/2012 was the beginning of this extraordinary vibration change.

Therefore, the coming years will be very characteristic because we will undergo personal experiences and thus also spiritual experiences faster and more intense than usual. The result of the Hanuman Chalisa will be intensified, too.

Take part at this energetic New Year´s Eve of a different kind and learn more here…

On 30/12/2013 we will begin with a satsang as an energetic getting started and will look forward to celebrating the turn of the year 2013/2014 with the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa in the group – already for the third time!

The Hanuman Chalisa (chalis means forty in Hindi) is a poem written by Tulsidas (an Indian poet and philosopher of the 16th century). It is written in the Awadhi language, consists of 40 verses, and is one of the most sung prayers in India.

Every one of this 40 verses of the Hanuman Chalisa mediates an outstanding form of blessing and has the power to transform different difficulties of our life. Liberty from dread, expanding enthusiasm, clearness of mind and self-confidence can be the consequence.


I will be really glad to be able to start the coming year with trance experiences and spiritual joy.

Together we can call Hanuman to us, not only for protection and self-healing, but also to combine spiritual energy in order the cosmic force to become physically visible (as an energy phenomenon / Darshan) and / or strongly noticeable.

Such kind of high spiritual experiences transform any kind of negativity in us and bring us high soul powers. Every yogi in India desires such experiences. At some Hanuman Chalisas this incredible cosmic present really came up to us. We have seen the high power of spiritual energy. Even I myself was allowed to make very personal experiences, many of my wishes became true and I had energy experiences that continued for days, sometimes for weeks.

In this video you may already imagine the power of reciting the Hanuman Chalisa…

hanuman chalisa

On this day we will together recite the Hanuman Chalisa up to 10 hours to connect us with the powerful energy of Hanuman.

There is again the opportunity to attend via a live stream!

All details of this great event you will find summarized here.