Talking About Rawfood


Today we are talking about rawfood!

Probably a few people may not be aware of how closely the subject of raw food is intertwined with spirituality. For me, however, diet connected with awareness plays an important role and for this reason I began to deal with the subject of nutrition already 17 years ago. 15 years ago I completely switched my diet to raw food.

At this time, my desire to understand the interrelationships between body / mind / soul and nutrition became so strong that I started a marathon in seminars and education. I attended workshops, talks and seminars on healthy diets, detoxification of the body, fasting, raw food, different healing methods and much more.

Meanwhile, I am medical certified dietician and can benefit from the last 15 years of my experience with raw food and the intense research, particularly on detoxification. I followed already many people on their way to a healthier life and like to share my knowledge with much more people in order to help to bring awareness and health into life. It might be simple – with pleasure and joy!

Soon on edudip I will hold a free webinar with the interesting topic: self-healing at the hands of detoxification and nutrition (german). If you want to know more, please join on 16th October 2013 at 8:00 pm on edudip.

Attend my Raw Food Seminar in November!

If you prefer to attend one of my seminars in Bad Dürrheim/Germany in order to try out super-tasty recipes and to learn how to cook raw food yourself, you have the opportunity to do so in November:

Raw Food – Healthy And For Daily Use
From 01/11/13 until 03/11/13 in Bad Dürrheim/Germany; Information and registration here.

Some inspiration with this raw lasagna recipe:

raw lasagne

This seminar imparts you the knowledge about the gentle purifying power of natural and raw food and how you can activate the self-healing powers at the hands of a dietary change to raw food within a few weeks or months – depending on the starting position. Delicate preparations auch as raw chocolate dessert, raw bread, and further delicious food are part of this exciting seminar.

Raw food for gourmets or a festive occasion?

Definitely! During the raw food seminar as well as during our wildfruits and feasting meetings Martin and I show easy and effective possibilities. In addition to basic recipes, which can easily and variously be adjusted to your taste, we give advice on what to pay attention to when buying raw food, on where you can buy special products and on the best way of transitioning from normal food to raw food.

My regular feasting meetings provide an opportunity of exchanging information as well as a first “try out” of raw food delicacies:

Raw Food and Wildfruits Gourmet Meeting

24/10/13 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in Bad Dürrheim/Germany; Information and registration here

Raw Food and Wildfruits Gourmet Meeting
28/11/13 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in Bad Dürrheim/Germany; Information and registration here


bell pepper filled with raw-vegan creme with a brilliant cheesy taste

Furthermore, I offer personal consultations, too:
In my center in Bad Durrheim I welcome you in a very relaxed atmosphere. We talk about what concerns you personally and healthwise and work out solutions together. The dietary change plays an important role. It does not need to be 100% raw food right away. Often it is even enough to replace one meal a day with a rich smoothie or raw food – and you will already feel the first results. We take as much time as you need and work out a plan.

Investment: € 80 / hour

Consultation by phone (or via Skype)
A personal consultation can take place via phone or Skype, too. So we also have the possibility to work together, in case you live somewhere far away and do not have time to come and see me personally. Moreover, this opportunity is good for everybody for brief check-ups and motivation talks from time to time.

Investment: 1€ / minute


Exotic raw food adventure trip to the South of Thailand!

Finally I like to make a really great announcement that let me feel so happy. In January 2015 and together with medicinal and wild herbs expert Larisa Weger I will accompany a small group to the rainforest of southern Thailand. A little foretaste taken from the tour flyer:

“…”… This fascinating and impressive raw food experience journey takes a small group to Khao Sok National Park located in the Thai rainforest. Enjoy the sound of the jungle and recover your senses in deepest green while staying in a beautiful bungalow resort, built with local natural materials and in the shade of fragrant frangipani trees, bananas, rambutan and mangosteens ..”

So watch this space, more informationen are coming soon!


Further upcoming events and seminars:

Darkness Meditation at Full Moon
18/10/13 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm in Bad Dürrheim/Germany; Information and registration here

Intensive Darkness Retreat with Focus on Astral Projections
From 16/11/13 unti 25/11/13 in Bad Dürrheim/Germany; Information and registration here

A complete overview of all events you find on my website.


I wish you lots of inspiration,