People often asked me whether there are any arguments that speak against a longer stay in the darkness. The answer is simple: No! You should feel healthy and should be in good physical and mental condition to be able to process all external and internal impressions accordingly.

Mans Journey of the Soul

A stay in the darkness is always a very special experience which helps us to intensify our personal and spiritual development. For me personally, the darkness retreat is the path to enlightenment because after some time the inner light is visible even physically.

During a darkness retreat everybody gains unique and really personal experiences. Many of these experiences are spiritual and very intense.

Groups carry their own and special power. Spiritual experiences very often are induced rapidly and enormous transformation processes will take place. In April this year, I guided an intensive darkness retreat in a group which took place in Arcobaque / Columbia. 

Get to know some of the participants and listen to their experiences. The video will start if you click on the picture.

Darkness Retreat Josefina

Darkness Retreat Javier

The upcoming intensive darkness retreat in a group  from 16th to 25th  November 2013 will focus on astral projections and will take place in my Shakti Temple in Bad Dürrheim / Germany. There are still some places left! For more information please follow this link or call us  on +49 7706 9789691.