Spiritbalance Seminars In August Including Hanuman Chalisa


Today I would like to point out our seminars in the month of August!

We are back from India again and we spent a fantastic time there. We already completed the first seminar discussing the topic “Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams” in Bad Dürrheim/Germany.

Small note for last-minute bookers!

raw food cakeThere is still enough room for two more people in my raw food seminar 9 th-11th August in Bad Dürrheim/Germany. If you want to learn how to prepare easy and delicious raw food meals – from snacks to festive dinners – raw food breads, raw food biscuits and cakes – then get registered soon!

More information and registration here.

This is also waiting for you in the month of August….!

On 21st August the meditation in darkness during full moon will take place. With the help of darkness our consciousness will become clear and calm. Thus, it enables us to come into contact with our true inner being. With powerful mantras we will activate highest cosmic and positive energies. They support us to transform negativity and build up power for daily life.

More information and registration for meditation in darkness on August the 21st here.

….it is time again – we will recite 108 times the Hanuman Chalisa!

On 23rd August in Bad Dürrheim/Germany. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa brings enormous spiritual energies into our souls. This is not a normal event. It is a connection with the most powerful divine energies and vibrations. Nowadays, Hanuman plays a significant role and enjoys great popularity in Hinduism – besides of Shiva, Krishna and Ganesha. He solves all kind of demonic or negative energies as well as karmical involvements.


Hanuman Chalisa is suitable for participants who do not have any experiences with Indian traditions or meditation so far.

Special offer for everybody who can not attend personally!

A very special way to participate energetically at Hanuman Chalisa even if you are not personally there is the livestream. You will receive a link and you can access from your PC.

You can easily register via this link.

Friday, 23rd August we will send you an email with the access data for the livestream.

Moreover, you can send us a picture of you or a person you care about. For a small contribution we will put it in the center during recitation. This way it will be possible for everybody to be part of the energy. You can send the picture by mail or email. You should also get registered as soon as possible.

Inspire yourself…


I wish you recieve a lot of inspiration and I am looking forward to meet you personally in one of my seminars.

Warmest wishes,


Further future events:

Meditation in darkness during full moon
Bad Dürrheim 19th September, 2013; More information and registration here.

Meditation in darkness during full moon
Bad Dürrheim, 18th October, 2013; More information and registration here.

Intensive Darkness Retreat with Focus on Astral Projections
Bad Dürrheim, 16th to 25th November 2013; More Information and registration here.

You can find a complete overview about all events on my website.