Discover The True India


I am sending you warmest greetings from the South of India

My love for this country can hardly be described in words. It touches heart and soul and is obtrusively beautiful at the same time…


…it is like a blossom slowly opening up under the warming sun rays of spring. This is how your heart opens up once you start to explore this amazing country. When having a closer look, ignoring the unattractive things which are certainly present here, one can discover the true India with all its power and secrets. This inner beauty with all its facets is pure fascination captivating me over and over again. Especially benedictory is this beautiful place where I am living at the moment. The Arunachala, which is so powerful, is located in immediate proximity.

Right now we are looking forward to a big event here in Tiruvannamalai, where hundred thousands of people come to the holy mountain Arunachala to celebrate the most powerful full moon night a year: Guru Purnima. We will celebrate this special evening with powerful chantings of mantras and Sabine celebrate at our Ashram in Germany:


I would like to share a little bit with you…

.. Come and accompany me on a fascinating journey on which we will visit spiritual places of incomparable power. We will meet people who will touch us in the depths of our souls. Their energy might change us on different levels.

We never remain unaffected after journeys like these. They provide us with more knowledge and insights about our self. Every trip to India is unique.

During this year I will organize another two very intensive and spiritual journeys in India. Take part and let me guide you to extraordinary places aside of the usual tourist tracks.


Intensive Sadhana trip to Navaratri from 5th-13th October

This year India will celebrate the festival of the Divine Mother, the so called Navaratri, from 5th-13th October.

Navaratri is a festival with the duration of nine days and nine nights. The word “Navaratri“ already reveals it. The word “nava” means nine and the term “ratri” significates nights. It is a holy festival, a time of introspection and cleaning. During this time many Yogis are fasting and practicing different Sadhanas (spirit practice); such as Muni (being in silence, not speaking) in order to receive the grace of the Divine Mother. Moreover, nine aspects of the Divine Mother are celebrated and invoked.

Together with Yogi Raguvendra we will meditate and practice Samadhi in my ashram in Tiruvannamalai for nine days and nine nights.

This journey is exclusively aimed to spiritual people who really want to experience spiritual Sadhana. For that purpose, you have to be able and open for meditation taking 3-7 hours at the time.

Travel dates: 5th-13th October, 2013

Costs: EUR 1,390.00 (incl. nights in accommodation and ceremonies)

You can find further information on my website.

kumbha mela_raguvendra das

bharati_raguvendra das

You can also accompany me on a spiritual pilgrimage through South India after the Mother Divine Festival (Navaratri).

Spiritual South India

Extraordinary places of power, special encounters with Siddhas and Yogis and highest spiritual knowledge are waiting for you on this journey.

The trip offers you a time of spiritual power (Shakti) and opens you up for exceptional experiences of the soul.

Our accommodation is our home in Tiruvannamalai. It is a place of power carrying inside a lot of spiritual energy (Shakti). Its name is Divine Light Temple. It is located outside the town center of Tiruvannamalai. It is a beautiful, dreamy and small ashram overviewing flowers, rice fields and the legendary Arunachala. It is a place of perceivable energy and vibrations. Many Yogis visit our ashram to practice meditation.

From there we will drive to many benedictory places enabling us to perceive an exceptional spiritual energy, aside of usual tourist tracks.

Travel dates: 21st October – 1st November, 2013

Costs: EUR 1,790.00 (incl. nights in a double room and transportation costs in India).

You can find further information and a detailed description about the trip on my website.

I would be very happy about your participation and I am sending you best wishes,


Yours Bharati