Spiritual Experiences


and warmest greetings from Tiruvannamalai in India!

With our group we had a great time here in India on this extremely intense pilgrimage. It happened so much that it is not possible to describe this in detail. During a 14-kilometer walk around the holy mountain Arunachala (Pradakshina), we visited many really powerful spiritual temples. There have also been some special pujas – such as Rudra Abhishek Puja – to connect with the energy of Shiva as well as other deep spiritual experiences. The energy was strongly vibrating through all of us.

Last week on Wednesday  the second part of the workshop Painted Medicine with Rositha Schöne-Breitfeld took place. I find this topic very exciting, because I believe that there is a connection between Painted Medicine (Western culture) and Yantras (Eastern culture). In India Yantras are used to draw us close to spiritual energy as much as possible and to bring about spiritual experiences. Yantras consist of drawn geometric signs and figures. A proof that Painted Medicine was practiced very early in Western culture, probably is “Ötzi”, as some symbols and signs were discovered on the skin, that might have had similar benefits.

I am still feeling very blessed with this great journey, to be here at this unique place with the right people!

freundinnen neben meiner dhuni

Two really special friends and healers Jalaya and Revathi at my Dhuni

On July 22th I will held a Guru Purnima Puja here in my ashram beside my personal Dhuni. Also in Germany / Bad Dürrheim there will be a puja that Sabine will celebrate. You are very welcome to join us.

Guru Purnima is the night of the Guru. That night we connect with cosmic energies of our spiritual teachers and higher astral worlds (Lokas).

For this reason we will recite the Hanuman Chalisa as well as the Light Mantra of Ramalinga Swami to draw us closer to these special high energies. Once we connect to these powerful vibrations, spiritual experiences and energies can be experienced.

You will get better insight into this powerful event here! Via this link you will also get information about registration!

It is a unique gift to experience this special night with its high vibrating energy right here on the holy mountain Arunachala. It is one of the most powerful festivals within the year, more than 100,000 pilgrims will again travel to Tiruvannamalai to feel the legendary Shiva energy of the holy mountain Arunachala. Take part and get the highest divine blessing, spiritual power and energy. I am looking forward to you!

Further dates for upcoming journeys to India:

Intensive Sadhana Trip to Navaratri:
October 5th – 13th 2013, information and registration

Spiritual South India:
October 21st – November 1st 2013, information and registration

Spiritual Journey To Shivaratri:
February 25th – March 7th 2013, information and registration


So far my information about India for you. Now I like to focus on an upcoming seminar, that will be held soon in Germany / Bad Dürrheim.

Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams from July 26th – 28th 2013

One of my favourite topics, because astral projections are one of the greatest experiences in spirituality! These experiences help to understand the secrets of the soul.

Astral projections and lucid dreams contain much experience potential, regardless whether you want to learn it for the spiritual growth or “only” for the personality development.

Excitement, interesting insights and many great experiences are possible during these journeys and lucid dreams. In my seminar I will explain how this works, and guide you with practical exercises to the experience.

Mans Journey of the Soul

What exactly do we mean by Out of Body-Experiences (OBE)?

When having Out of Body-Experiences (OBE) the person is located outside of her own body and is able to observe her own physical body with her astral body. Astral projections are no imaginary journeys, but real comprehensible experiences that can be learned.

If we learn conscious astral projections, we can get in contact with decedents, travel in other worlds (dimensions) and experience high spiritual experiences. Who experiences consciously astral projections, has something no one can take from him anymore: The experience that souls are immortal, that we never cease to exist.

My intensive seminar astral projections conveys techniques how to experience astral projections, Out of Body-Experiences (OBE) as well as lucid dreams and to practice within the group.

What exactly do we mean by Lucid Dreams?

Lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness, in which you are dreaming but at the same time you perceive as clearly as if you were awake and are able to experience the dream consciously and act freely. Even more free than in your waking consciousness because you will survive all possible risks unscathed. Some people may even learn to travel consciously in the astral worlds via lucid dreams.

fotolia 53280197

Finally, I like to requote William Buhlmann, a true pioneer of astral projections, whom I got to know personally during my training at the Monroe Institute in the U.S. and who said:

“Maybe the most important benefit of Out of Body-Experiences is that we recognize our ability to discover the answers ourselves.”

Be part of the intensive seminar from July 26th – 28th in Bad Dürrheim and look forward to distinctive experiences that no one can take from you anymore!

In my next newsletter I will give information on other events! Please also browse my website, there you will find an overview and all upcoming events.

Warmest greetings,