Spiritual Powers Of Meditation

Intensive Darkness Retreat with Focus on Astral Projections

darkness meditation_Fotolia_33220878_LSpirituality and meditation:

Traditionally meditation attributes to spiritual powers that help us to intensify our personal and spiritual development.

Expansion of consciousness through darkness meditation:

A special form of meditation is the darkness meditation that allows us deepest inner processes.

In addition, it allows us to perceive the astral worlds physically. Usually it will need a lot of inner calm and focus to perceive astral worlds.

Retreating into total darkness is one of the fastest ways to experience astral projections and out of body experiences successfully.

From May 26th to June 4th 2013, I want to enable a small group to have an especially intensive time.

Place: Shakti Temple, Schulstra├če 6, 78073 Bad Durrheim-Oberbaldingen.

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