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Namaste And Warmest Greetings,

If you did not have the possibility to travel with me to the Kumbh Mela in India in February and March this year, you are going to have the opportunity to register now for another exciting trip to India with me, which will take place in June.

Magical Journey to India: Holy Places and the Secrets of the Palm Leaf Libraries

If you are interested in a spiritual journey that changes your world view and gives you a new perspective – then this is the one meant for you. This journey focuses more on “process work” – the adventure to look deeply inside ourselves. I have an inner vision of this journey and assembled topics to establish the context for the entire soul knowledge to get to know how everything is connected at a higher level and everything vibrates into each other.

Journeys to holy places with the intention to understand what is in our hearts and integrate the knowledge, is meant by such a travel experience. This unforgettable pilgrimages lead us deeply into the center of our being in order to transform limiting thoughts and behaviors and bloom true integrity and joy. The responsibility for our own happiness leads to unconditional love, creativity and deep inner silence.


Together, we will have powerful energy processes with yantras and mantras in order to experience and apply spiritual energy. There will be seminars, which may be very intense – just the right for spiritual seekers, and spiritual experiences may be experienced directly. This and much more you will experience on this journey.

Workshop Painted Medicine

There will also be a one-day-workshop with Rositha Schöne-Breitfeld about painted medicine, because everybody can learn the technique of painted medicine.

Originated in the indigenous people painted medicine was rediscovered by Erich Körbler. The different symbols (barcodes, crosses, hooks etc.) are drawn either on the body or in the aura. In addition a kind of pendulum is used to check the real exposure – the single-handed rod.

Rositha has come in a special way to painted medicine. During a seminar Rositha suddenly got strong nosebleed that did not stop. She left the conference room. Another seminar participant asked her, which nostril was affected and then painted on the corresponding one something like a bar code with hooks. Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but we already know these types of symbols and characters from other energy healing techniques such as Reiki etc., only the mechanism of action is slightly different. The nosebleed actually stopped and after this Rositha started to concentrate in this very interesting and useful technique.

Take the opportunity and open yourself to very special experiences!

Travel with me into the past and future – Explore the miracles of ancient wisdom, contemporary interpretation and distant fulfillment! A spiritual journey to India is different from other journeys. Each ashram, every guru or master weaves his knowledge and wisdom into his teachings. These encounters are something really special!

Sign up today – Registration is open until 15th May 2013 and there are only a few places available!

Please register until this date as the hotels and buses must be booked in advance!

Travel dates: 11th to 21st June 2013

You also have the opportunity to spend more time in the wonderful energy of our ashram and to accompany us in our spiritual life. We are glad to rent out rooms to interested guests and will send more information with pleasure.

Further information you will find on my website.

I am looking forward to you and a magical time in India!

Warmest greetings,