What Is A Darkness Retreat? What Is The Aura?

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We are already on our way back to Germany and the past days in Colombia have been very special. Bala Krishna and I had the pleasure to guide and accompany a darkness retreat. The process is captured in some videos, which you can watch via my youtube channel.

Intensive Darkness Retreat With Focus On Astral Journeys

In May I will guide one intensive 10-day darkness retreat in Germany with focus on astral projections. In this newsletter I will give more details about it and like to draw your attention to another exciting seminar , particularly interesting for you if you want to learn how to see the aura with our physical eyes.

First of all I like to speak about the darkness retreat.

What Is A Darkness Retreat?

The darkness retreat is a highly intensive way of meditating and initiates deep internal processes. Due to its powerful impact, in Bön, the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet, the dark retreat is called the royal road of meditation. Retreating into total darkness is one of the fastest ways to experience an astral projection and out-of-body experiences. It takes a lot of inner calm and focus to be able to perceive astral worlds. But already in a 10-day darkness retreat it is possible to perceive astral worlds physically.

From May 26th to June 4th, I want to enable a small group of seven people maximum to have an especially intensive time. Let the darkness be your guru that guides you on the way to yourself. I will stand by your side.

In this video I give a deeper insight in this exciting topic and describe what could be expected in a darkness retreat:


For those who are interested in this special experience will find more information about this intensive seminar on my website, or have a look on this video where i answer a lot of practical questions about a darkness retreat. Here is Raquel, one of the participants, sharing her experiences of the Darkness Retreat:


Now, let’s talk about the upcoming aura seminar.

Everyone can learn to see Aura!

Immediately before the darkness retreat, namely from 25th to 26th May, I will give a seminar in that you learn how to see the aura with your physical eyes. All of us are capable of having this experience. There are various simple but powerful techniques to see the aura with the physical eye. In this seminar I will share this knowledge.

Furthermore every participant will get a personal picture of the aura made up from a biofeedback system that that measures the low-frequency energies on our palms, the subtle vibrations of our emotional body become visible.

Registration and more information about this seminar here.

In Addition More Interesting Seminars, Events And Journeys With Me Are Waiting for You:

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17th – 19th May 2013 in Bad Dürrheim, Germany
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Darkness Meditation at Full Moon
24th May 2013 in Bad Dürrheim, Germany
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Magical India Tour: Secrets of the Palm Leaf Libraries
11th – 21st June in Tiruvannamalai, India
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More information about the upcoming seminars on my website and in the following newsletters.

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