What Is Raw Food?

Namaste And Warmest Greetings From Columbia

As some of you probably already have noticed, Bala Krishna and I are chairing a darkness retreat in Arcobaque, Colombia at the moment – it is an extremely intense time. During the retreat the participants also receive raw food from us. Every day we prepare some delicacies.

We particularly enjoy the nature in South America, but we are already looking forward to the upcoming events in Germany, too! I would like to point out that there are still places available for the raw food seminar from 17th – 19th May in Bad Durrheim / Germany, an interesting seminar about raw and healthy food, with much information on detoxification, self-healing as well as the spiritual aspects about nutrition with raw food.

In this seminar I will show you simple and effective ways to prepare various raw food dishes. From raw bread, raw ice-cream through to raw cheese: You will not just only learn the basics of healthy raw food but also how to turn simple raw food for gourmets for daily use and festive occasions.

In addition to basic recipes, which can easily and variously be adjusted to your taste, you will gain insight into the most important information about „healing yourself with raw food“. We give advice on what to pay attention to when buying raw food, on where you can buy special products and on the best way of transitioning from normal food to raw food. Weather permitting, we will also collect wild herbs together!

Here is a little taste of what you can expect:


Raw food for gourmets or a festive occasion? Definitely!

The broad idea that raw food is elaborate and not suitable for daily use will disappear after this seminar. Many people have the strong thought that raw food is not easily digestible and may cause several deficiency signs. This event will convince you otherwise. Raw food does not mean surrender or deficit, but wonderful healthy relish, happiness and health. Rawfooders are usually gourmets, especially if they know how raw chocolate and other delicacies are prepared.

During the seminar also Bala Krishna will show recipes and talk about his experience with raw food:


If you want to know more about my way to raw food nutrition, which already lasts for more than 15 years, you may like to have a look at this German article.

Get to know about the ways to activate your self-healing powers and register now!

In order to ensure a personal and intense experience, the number of participants is limited. For more information and booking please visit my website.

There will be a second seminar about raw food in August as well as more interesting seminars in the near future:

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There are still places available, but journeys to India are extremely popular and quickly booked. Registration is open until 15th May that is why you should register soon.

You get more information about the upcoming seminare also on my website and in my newsletters, respectively. Stay tuned!

Warmest greetings,