Hanuman On The Kumbh Mela

Brief review of the Kumbh Mela

For so long, for so many weeks I was on the Kumbh Mela – the largest pilgrimage festival of India – with two very pleasant pilgrim groups and a joyful heart. We had many spiritual encounters, up to spiritual wonders especially touching Bala Krishna´s faith deeply.

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Every trip to India brings deep inner insights, as many encounters and experiences in the outside reflect the true inside on such in such energetic places of power. For me personally, there was a lot of depth in some encounters with Sadhus and Yogis, and the confirmation of my spiritual way.

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Hanuman has guided us!

_DSC0726In both groups Bala Krishna and I have guided Hanuman was continuously with us, we could always feel his strength and protection. As we regularly recite the Hanuman Chalisa and especially I am deeply connected to Hanuman, some moments can only be described as magical. Once for instance we got lost (interestingly the only time) and it started to rain so heavily that we wanted badly to take shelter. Without knowing it, we arrived at the camp of a powerful Hanuman Bhakta, whom we met days later again by chance. There are thousands of tents and camps on the Mela but the energy led us again and again to his camp. These are spiritual moments that can hardly be described in words … not everybody will understand this … this spiritual energy .. Hanuman led us through the Mela! Other encounters with Hanuman Bhaktas for instance with Vidya Das, Yogi Raj Ram Das as well as with Yogi Raj Raguvendra Das and other Munis, Siddhas and impressive Yogis fulfilled us.

Satsang and knowledge about powerful Mudras, Yoga and Sadhana via livestream beginning on 15/03/2013.

I received an initiation of Yogi Raj Raguvendra Das and am deeply impressed by his Sadhana power, his daily discipline as well as his deep knowledge. That is why I spontaneously invited him to us to Tiruvannamalai that all of us may learn more from him.

Foto (5) BlogAt least three days there will be a daily livestream with Yogi Raj Raguvendra Das, the exact dates will be announced spontaneously via newsletter and on Facebook. You may watch every lifestream even after they have been taken place as they will be recorded and placed to your disposal.

I invited him at my own expenses, paid for the ticket from Rajasthan, for cars, food, and everything else that is needed for his Sadhana (wood for Dhuni, cowdung, ghee, Pujazubehör etc).

The total amount is about 900 Euro and I would be glad for any financial support for Raguvendra`s visit. Every little support is really welcome.

Everyone who donates and supports me may ask Raguvendra every day two questions which we will respond in the livestreams. Please send your questions till 14/03/ to bharati@spiritbalance.net.

Every donation is welcome!

You can donate with bank transfer to my company account (unfortunately the German government takes 19% VAT, but on the other hand it is a legal solution) with the reference: Donation for Hanuman Yogi India

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I’m really looking forward to these days with Raguvendra, a true Tapas Yogi.

See you in the livestream!

Warmest greetings from Bharati and best wishes from Bala Krishna