Is your live also written on a palm leaf?

It is impossible to say anything appropriate about the spiritual experiences awaiting you on this journey because most of the experiences of the soul cannot be expressed in words. They are special gifts that move our inner self and lead us back to our real being.

Tiruvannamalai at the holy Mountain Arunachala – a magical place

Our journey begins in Bangalore, from where we will travel to Tiruvannamalai together. The small town of Tiruvannamalai is situated at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala, which is considered a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Sri Ramana Maharshi, a worldwide known master who is one of the most known wise people and representatives of the Advaita-Vedanta of the 20th century, has lived here until 1950. Ramana Maharshi taught self-examination by the question “Who am I”.

From the Shri Ramana Ashram a path leads up on the Arunachala where the two hermitages are situated in which the master spent many years. In town, we find the well-known Arunachaleshwara temple where Shiva – in form of the element fire – is worshipped.

This wonderful video offers a nice impression.


By this webcam you get a snapshop of the Arunachala.

Divine Light Temple, Ashram of Bharati and Bala Krishna and exciting journeys to special places

The Divine Light Temple in Tiruvannamalai – our home in India – will be our base station. From here we will travel together to powerful places where special meetings with sadhus and yogis are possible. We willl let us read from our personal palm leaf in palm leaf libraries and meditate together in ancient temples. Satsang and seminar days with Bharati are a part of our programme as well as singing bhajans and fire pujas. Sufficient time to explore the local area and to relax is included, too.

In order to visit the Temple of Ramalinga Swami, who has been teaching and living the secrets of the transformation of the body, one of our excursions will take us to Vallalar. High spiritual vibrations and a special satsang with sadhus are waiting for us.

Furthermore, the following things will be awaiting you:

Introduction to the meaning of Tiruvannamalai – visit of the Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi – climbing up the Arunachala – meditation in the hermitages where the Maharshi spent many years – visit of the famous Arunachaleshwara Temple – ritual walk around Arunachala (Giripradakshina) – recitation of Indian healing mantras – workshop Painted Medicine.

In this German talk Bharati speaks about personal travels to holy places and inspiring encounters, among others also with Venkatesh, a very powerful yogi who is able to transform karma with his powerful rituals. With a lot of persuasiveness Bharati could convince him to spend time with her groups, which is a very special occasion that is not to be taken for granted. Together we will celebrate pujas and will receive high spiritual knowledge from Venkatesh. Individual consultations with Yogi Venkatesh are possible, too.

Bharati and Venkatesh

Bharati with Yogi Venkatesh

Vidya Das und Bharati

Bharati with Yogi Vidya Das

Travel into the past and future – Explore the miracles of ancient wisdom, contemporary interpretation and distant fulfillment!

There are many palm leaf libraries but only a few are really authentic in tradition of Siddha Aghastja, who had the spiritual ability to know the lives of millions of people. More than 7000 years ago, the information was read from the Akasha chronicle and written down on palms leaves. These are stored in the palm leaf libraries.

During her journeys through India, Bharati has found the best of all palm leaf libraries – for instance in Tiruvannamalai – and will lead you there.

Would you like to experience even more India?

Our journey ends on June 21st. At 1 pm we will travel to Bangalore together, where are you may spend some time on your own to explore the city or go shopping before you fly home.

You also have the opportunity to spend more time in the wonderful energy of our Ashram and to accompany us in our spiritual life. We are glad to rent out rooms to interested guests and will send more information with pleasure.

Divine Light Temple

Take the opportunity and open yourself for very special experiences

On our travels, it is important to follow the energy, so that changes in schedule are possible at any time. Bharati is connected with extraordinary people and places in India. If she is traveling with her groups, it is possible that vibrations are so strong that the group changes its plans spontaneously and might might even skip lunch.

If we accept these processes, we often go through quite surprising and divine providences. Please be open and flexible, if you want to be part of this journey. The Divine always acts beyond the mind – on level of the soul and the heart.

Sign up today – experience with us a transformational journey and magical moments in India.

Registration is open until May 15th 2013.
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Travel dates:
June 11th – June 21st 2013

Travel price:
€ 1.550,00 including overnight stays in double rooms, transportation in India, professional advice in the palm leaf libraries

Individual costs for the journey to India, subsistence expenses and fees have to be paid by each participant individually. Additional costs such as for Pujas, flowers and donations in temples may occur.

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Phone: +49 (0)7706-9789693