Darkness Meditation at Full Moon

We would like to invite you to a new and very powerful event: darkness meditation at full moon.

We want to use not only the mystical powers of the full moon, but also the perfect conditions of the darkness in order to experience higher spiritual levels of consciousness.

The influence of the Moon

Demonstrably, the moon has great influence on nature. It influences not only the tides and the lifting and lowering of the earth’s surface but it enables life on earth in the first place buy making sure that the latter does not change its orbit.

We human, although we have distanced ourselves from the rhythms of nature in our every-day lives, are also influenced by the moon. Since the beginning of time, special powers have been attributed to the full moon in particular. These powers awaken our mystical powers and connect us with our deeply feminine intuitive part. The special and powerful energy of the full moon helps us to reach higher and spiritual levels of consciousness.

According to the Tibetan tradition full moon is the best day to contact the masters because the mind is especially open for it on this day. Also in the Vedic, the holy scriptures of the Hindus, the moon is considered the doorway between the master, the students and the astral worlds.

Meditating in the Darkness

The darkness is an elementary power that supports our personal and spiritual development.
In our every-day lives, our senses are constantly busy with perceiving and processing sensory input. About 80 % of this information is visual and that way absorbed by our eyes. Obviously, sight is a tremendously important tool when it comes to orientating ourselves in our complex environment and navigating through our busy daily routines. Nevertheless, we often forget that such constant occupation of our mind keeps us from dealing with our inner life.

In the darkness, this flow of information is interrupted and that way the biggest source of distraction is turned off. The darkness helps us to find mental calmness, to expand our consciousness and – just as the special energy of the full moon – to reach higher spiritual levels of consciousness. That is why darkness meditation is considered to be the royal road of meditation.

Also suitable for students who have not yet had experiences with Indian traditions or meditation.

The darkness meditation at full moon takes place on Monday, 28th January 2013 from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

Place: We meet at the Shakti-Temple, Schulplatz 6, 78073 Bad Dürrheim – Oberbaldingen

Recommend energy compensation: €21

Fur further information please contact:
E-Mail: sabine@spiritbalance.net
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