Intensive Darkness Retreat in Arcobaque, Colombia

Dunkelretreat Flyer Darkness retreat is also called dark therapy, dark yoga or dark meditation. Being a time of spiritual experience, it is about finding the light of the soul as well as answers from within.

Under the guidance and expertise of Bharati and Bala Krishna from Germany you will learn that darkness is a primal power that helps us to develop personally and spiritually.

Retreating into darkness, be it in caves (Kivas) or rooms, is practiced in all traditional cultures, particularly in Japan, India and Tibet. It is a traditional way of self-discovery and inevitably leads to a confrontation with your own being / self.

During the 12 days in the darkness, Bharati and Bala Krishna will support the group intensively with collective energetic exercises as well as conversations. What is more, groups have a special power: Together spiritual experiences are induced much faster. Experience shows that reciting mantras enables almost all participants to see spiritual light physically. These experiences open up the heart, take away fear and transform negative concepts in us.

You can have many different kinds of spiritual experiences during a darkness retreat. Often, self-awareness deepens. It can also lead to contemplation, observation of mental processes, the experience of the primal sound and primal light, encounters with spiritual beings, decedents, figures of light, forces of nature etc., an experience of emptiness, death experiences, an experience of reincarnation, the sense of a second body: the bioplasma body.

Bharati and Bala Krishna will look after the group with great affectionate care. They complement each other well: Bharati contributes her profound spiritual knowledge and Bala Krishna his education as a psychologist.

Get to know them in this video. Bharati and Bala Krisha speak about their very personal experiences in darkness retreats:

If you have practical questions about darkness retreat, please watch this video from Bharati:

The intensive darkness retreat will be held in Arcobaque/Colombia, one hour from Bogotá in the Andean mountains. Our accommodation is situated right next to a holy mountain and lake. Please find furthur information and beautiful pictures on Josefinas website.

By the way: Given such a wonderful location, it might be worth combining the darkness retreat with a longer private vacation!

The retreat takes place from 8th April 2013 8.00 am to 20th April 2013 5 pm.

The number of participants is limited to nine people. 

The cost of the darkness retreat is only $ 2.800.

The journey to Arcobaque will be organized by the participants themselves. Arcobaque is located 32 km outside of Bogotá. Flights from German international airports to Bogotá cost about €700. If requested, there will be a shuttle from Bogotá to Arcobaque.

Contact for more information and booking:
Phone: +49 7706 9789690